Another Building is a series of short films that aims to connect the relationship of historic buildings and sites to their environment, and ultimately to reflect upon the people and cultures that inhabit them.

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Farewell My Paradise

Farewell My Paradise will mark the fourth installation in the series. This project tells the story of the relationship between a people and a place through the textural interplay of film, music, and choreography. It is set in a historic synagogue in Paramaribo, Suriname and in the ruins of the first settlement of Amazon Jews, known as Joden Savannen.

Farewell My Paradise portrays the story of a young  Creole Jewish woman Chaya as the as she prepares to leave the country to study abroad and is unlikely to return. Set in Suriname, South America, her elders, while encouraging the further growth of the girl, struggle with their disappointment over yet another loss to their very small and dwindling community. The story deals with conflict between generations, tradition and modernity, small versus global community.

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    KASITA is in production on Bonaire

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    March and April screenings

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