KASITA will premiere and open Screendance Miami

January 19, 2014gabriBlog
KASITA donkeys

Photography: Dolph van Stapele. The characters LUNA and SOL run in to many donkeys.

In the last few months we have been all working hard to finish KASITA. Editor Pim Gelevert has been doing a great job, composer Vernon Reid has produced an exciting score that adds so much to the film, and Liliane de Geus has worked hard to get the rest of the Post Production funds. We are finishing the last touches (Dolph van Stapele is doing color correction) and making sure all the credits are fine and that we didn’t for get anybody.

We are beyond excited to have the world premiere at Screen Dance Miami. I am guest artist and so honored to be picked for the opening. Thanks to Marissa Alma Nick and Mary Luft of Tigertail for the invite. More information below. After the screening, I will be submitting the film to several Festivals. Keep checking back for updates or like Another Building on Facebook.




KASITA is in production on Bonaire

August 17, 2013gabriBlog

If you have been following us on Facebook you know we are up and running on Bonaire. Tomorrow,Sunday the 18th of August, 2013, the whole crew will be complete. We will be staying at Landhuis Wanapa,
One of our sponsors for the week. We got a great price reduction to stay there..The press conference is on Monday the 19th at4PM at Landhuis Wanapa.
The whole stay on Bonaire has been nothing but miraculous. The whole island is involved, it feels like. Liliane de Geus our Executive Producer, is a tour de force, smart, compassionate, knowledgable and she really knows the place. I get to know the island I love, through working here and it is an honor to get to know the beautiful people.
We had auditions for ” Mai” many fantastic older ladies, one of my favorites was ” Chemmy” but at 80 she has some leg problems that will make it hard for her to do the part. I am very happy with our choice. Juffrouw Violeta Rosario, who really surprised me at the auditions. She will be the perfect Mai. “Luna” will be played y Idea, and “Sol” by Tharia. Last but not least for the lead roles, is ” Jannie” the dog.She was a rescue and we got her through the Animal Shelter Bonaire. The workers and volunteers will accompany her on set.
For the music in the beginning we will have the whole group Tutti Frutti, a fabulous Folklore music ensemble under the direction of Emma St. Jago, who is just a great person and a huge help to the production.
There are the production assistants of the Media School Bonaire, who are our interns, and all the sponsors: OCW( Danki Nolly Oleana pa tur kos), Prins Bernard Fund, the umbrella organization Dance Sensation, the camera equipment transportation costs will be sponsored by INSELAIR, and the production insurance is sponsored by ENNIA. My stay at Mangrove at Kaminda Sorobonne is sponsored by Ilse Zadelhof- Pattinaja, who donated a fabulous apartment.The press conference is on Monday the 19th at4PM at Landhuis Wanapa. We start early on tuesday and will be in full gear till the 26th. Don’t expect to hear to much from me until then. But will try to post on Facebook.

Thank you Thank You Thank you ALL who are making this possible.



Gabri Christa

writer, director, producer KASITA writing at Kaminda Sorobonne on Saturday August 17th